Fondant should be called fon-don’t

I get it, fondant can make a cake look beautiful. You know what else it does to cakes, makes them taste terrible. For past birthdays I always went to a local store and bought, but lately I find making cakes to be more from the heart. I didn’t make Boogs first birthday cake, sorry about that Boogs! I don’t know but it seems nowadays your kid has to have a ten tier cake or something fancy. The pressure!!!

Like I said fondant looks amazing, but

3e304d66aff6d2ba69086255a33bb6c3[1] it taste gross and is expensive!

So I went the marshmallow fondant route a few years ago. I’m not a baker and I found out quickly that I didn’t have the patience for this at all. My fondant would rip and not to mention my cake itself was falling apart underneath it. I only made two cakes like this and after that I vowed never again. The taste was still bad, but not as bad as fondant. It’s a little lighter not so thick,  f you’d like to try this route you can find lots of receipes for this on Pinterest.

281449_2325130046553_2301686_n[1] 304506_2402169172483_5834080_n[1]

Since I stopped doing the fancy fondant cakes because they were just too time consuming and they really tried my nerves, I decided to got the buttercream route. Good ole’ fashion buttercream. I googled and search for cool cakes that could be made using frosting. For Stink’s first birthday I made him a pirate ship cake. I will say it wasn’t that bad, but I messed up on was the cake itself, which back than was the norm for me. Most of my cakes are held together by frosting. If you look closely you can see the front of the ship is starting to slip a bit. I found the instructions for this cake here.


I learned so much from making this one cake.

1. Butter and FLOUR your cake pans

2. Freeze your cakes for awhile so they will harden, than you can cut them into the shapes needed

3. Do not leave these types of cakes out of the fridge too long or they can and will start to melt.

4. Not all cake mixes are the same. I have found Phillsbury to be the best. Betty Crocker tends to fall apart a lot when cutting into it.

I don’t know where I heard about buttercream cakes looking like fondant. The trick to doing this is to use a viva paper towel. So when Boogs asked for a Grave Digger Monster truck cake, I knew I was going to try this route next. It took me 7 hours to make this next cake. It was a lot of trial and error. I search Pinterest a lot and found great tutorials. Most of them did have a step by step tutorial, but they also left some steps out, so I had some guessing to do.


I used gumballs and bought a Grave Digger toy. You know what, it’s way better than fondant. It tasted better, the kids actually ate the gum… and the best part Boogs got to keep the truck, fondant can’t do that.

So what’s your opinion, do you like or dislike fondant?

xo Aja


$0.50 Birthday T-shirt {Tutorial}

I actually bought Boog’s a birthday shirt this year, but it won’t be here in time for his par-tay. Sooo, I tasked myself yet again with making his birthday shirt. This is a tradition I started with both boys and will continue until I’m dead {haha tacky shirts from Momma when you 25 years old}!


You will need the following



::embrodery thread::

::embrodery needle::


::glue dots or pins::

::template of the number::


//step 1//

trace and cut out number

**trace number backwards**


//step 2//

center and secure with glue dots or pins


//step 3//

sew a cute border with thread around number




Okay this shirt didn’t cost me $0.50 to make, but I only paid $3.30 for it, which is still not bad!

But if you had a t-shirt on hand, all you’d have to do is buy $0.20 felt and $0.30 thread {okay it might be more}.

Hope you make one for your kiddos this year!

xo Aja


goodbye yellow polka dot bikini

I’ve  been thinking about this a lot lately and it actually was a topic of conversation with a few friends at church.

Bikinis, to wear or not to wear.

I’ve worn a bikini once after having kids…and I wasn’t really comfortable. That’s when I thought…

Before kids bikini.

After kids one piece.

I’ve have lost almost all of my baby weight. When I got preggers with Stinks I still had 12 lbs or so of Boog’s weight still on me. I’ve lost all of Stinks baby weight and I’ve got 7 lbs left of Boogs weight to go. I’m feeling great, so I’ve been looking at one pieces. Good grief are some of them u-g-l-y! But I found an awesome clothing store online. When I started searching through their clothing line, I fell in love.

Let the twenty somethings run around in the bikinis!

Let the hot thirty something momma’s wear these

bathing  No.1 Heavenly Anemone $137.99/Modcloth

No. 2 Stunning In The Sun $107.99/Modcloth

No. 3 In It To Swim It $134.99/ Modcloth

No. 4 Doe Re Sea/$177.99/Modcloth

I love how all of these flatter and they’re one pieces. I wouldn’t mind wearing one of these. I’d be able to run after my boys and still be stylish doing it!

I know I know these prices are steeeeep, but I do wonder if an expensive bathing suit means better fit and quality. No. 1 is my favorite and it’s all sold out. I also like No.3 as well, I’m hoping that buy the time I save up for No. 3, number one will have come back into stock. Save up? Yes, I get a certain about of money a month that I get to spend it on whatever I want and the hubby can’t say boo about it. Which, means if I don’t spend my money for two months {because that’s how long it will take to save up} I can buy a $135 bathing suit. Hey in that amount of time he will have spent over $180 on cigarettes…which one is worse?

So ladies, which is it for you…one piece or a two piece?

XO Aja


fun delivered

Last night Boogs received something in the mail.

It was his first ever Kiwi Crate! Kiwi Crate? What in the world is that?

Just the best thing ever.

You get a crate and inside are all the supplies and directions to do 2-3 projects with your kids.

Everything you need sent right to your door!

You don’t have to {thank the LORD}

1. search for hours and hours on pinterest  pinning things you’d like to do {although pinterest is way too much fun to give up}

2. load up all your kids and drive all over town buying supplies {right there is the number one reason you should order one}


Here’s Boogs showing off his scissors they sent in his box, just because they think you’ll need them {how sweet is that}


These are the goodies that were inside for one project


Boogs doing his first project


Boogs doing the second and HIS FAVORITE project Polar Bear Toss






and even more


We did a $19.95 a month to month subscription {which is worth every penny if it means I’m not having to drive around town with the boys, it saves me gas, and it comes in the mail…who doesn’t love getting mail?!

If you want more information you can find it here!

Not only did he get oh I don’t know FOUR projects, he also received a sticker book that tracks each monthly project {he loves stickers}, he also got a magazine that explains Polar Bears and where they live! Also inside the mag are instructions for a simple snowflake science project, and they explain how snowflakes come about. That’s not it, they gave us the instructions on how to make snowflake cookies along with a cookie cutter. FREE DELIVERY and NO TAX! Seriously you can’t beat all that mailed right to your door for twenty bucks! Oh, and if there’s a sibling you can add another crate for ten bucks! If you get one please let us know how you liked it!

Doesn’t this look fun y’all!

XO Aja


who-da thunk?

Did you know there is a RIGHT way to cut an apple into slices?

I didn’t, and after watching this video over a year ago I’ve never cut one the same since.

Prepare to be amazed!



I make apple slices for Boogs’ lunch everyday, and Stinks-ma-gee gets them diced.

Who-da thunk.

XO Aja



I’ve found the perfect stroller…and my baby is already one!

BUT I don’t care…it’s perfect.

Lets start with the ones NOT to get…the list is long {thus the title of the blog}

{Click on each stroller for more information}


~The Chicco Cortina KeyFit Travel System~


I bought it used off Craigslist for $90 {the whole system, I know bad momma buying a used carseat}


Lays completely flat for a newborn//carseat is great//when used together a very nice system


When your child gets older and you lay it down completely, a little ledge {I don’t know what to call it} folds up making it hard to lay your child flat down// you can’t make the stroller forward facing {I like to see my babies when walking}

Resold it for the amount I bought it for.


~Contours Options~

I bought used off of Craigslist for $75 and resold for the same amount.



You can turn your baby towards you//you can uses as as a snap an go stroller


No cup holders for children just a bar//the straps holding the baby in tend to slide causing irritation on their legs//you have to take apart to fold down//you have to buy a separate piece to attach a carseat.




The Kooper


compact umbrella stroller//super cute//a great canopy


front wheels are awfully hard to turn, it’s not a smooth ride.


The Joovy Zoom 360

I love this stroller there’s just one thing I should’ve done. I should’ve bought a swivel wheeled one.

But I got pregnant with Stinks-ma-gee so I sold both of them and bought the WORST STROLLER EVER!


BABY TREND Double stroller


I have nothing good to say about this stroller. It’s terrible. The front foot step is not far enough out, so your child has to sit perfectly straight up in order to rest their feet. If they don’t do that, than their feet hang off and touch the ground.  You can’t fit a diaper bag nicely under it.

I still wanted a jogging stroller so I bought this…the other worst stroller





Don’t even consider it.

And now for the perfect stroller


GRACO MODES – Green Apple



Awesome under stroller storage {A-W-E-S-O-M-E}//you can remove and use as a snap and go with a carseat//you can forward face your baby//lays down flat into a bassinet type stroller in either direction forwards or backwards//cup holder for child and momma//5 point harness//you don’t have to detach in order to fold//folds down very easy//bottom leg rest moves in different positions//turns super easy {I can use one hand}//smooth ride//canopy is awesome for shade// perfect for a older toddler to sit and sleep in {I know I’ve walked all around Target with Boogs knocked-out!//the color is super cute//and easy to clean if something should get on the fabric.

I bought mine from Toys R Us, it’s the only place other than Amazon that sells it. I bought mine for $187 after getting 25% off. Their normal price is $250.

I’m done with the infant car seat phase…but you’ll have to  purchase a seperate carseat.

And the best convertible carseat is:

Evenflo Triumph

I own two!!


If you are about to have a baby and don’t want the stroller drama-because it’s drama…I would get this one right from the start.

I think having a great stroller is key to a stress free outting!

XO Aja


where are ALL the measuring spoons? Free Print

Isn’t this a pretty picture?


Ya notice anything? That’s right TWO measuring spoons, 1/4 teaspoon and 1/2 teaspoon! TWO, out of how many…I don’t know.

I must be the only one who:

1. Doesn’t know how to use a measuring spoon. Are you supposed to remove the spoon from the ring? Or not and wash the whole thing, even if you use one spoon? In which case both are equally annoying.

2. Who loses them? Seriously where-the-heck-are-they? I bet they’re snuggled up with all my missing socks.

I while back I saw a cute tea towel {that is no longer in stock} with measuring conversions on it. What a cool idea! I’ve even seen it framed…I was like “I’m getting me one of those”…and of course it’s out of stock. Dang it!

What’s a girl to do, I mean I do cook {it’s a scary sight} and I do need measuring spoons. I’m no Rachel Ray who uses her palm, show off.

Well I came up with this cute little print {which is inspired by the tea towel}. I’m hanging this bad boy on the fridge, I love google but in the heat of cooking you just gotta know right then!

Print on card stock {click here for some really nice card stock with a pretty awesome color selection}.

Please oh please tell me I’m not the only one who loses measuring spoons.

And if I am ,well than print it because it’s cute.

{click pic for a FREE pdf}

conversion measuring

I’d really like to get these



And the bowls too! Target always has the good stuff!

xo Aja



Heart Envelopes DIY

  Valentines Day is right around the corner.

And here at the Elles home we have a cute tradition. Each year I attached these to the back of each one of my children’s chair {even the 14 year old gets one, he loves it}.

I first saw the on Pottery Barn Kids and fell in love.

Wanna learn how to make ‘em for about $3.00 {or less}?

Final picture

And From February 1st until the 14th the hubs and I both leave a small notes to our kids in each of their envelopes.

We tell them how funny they are, or how well the’ve been doing.

Than on the big day I add little goodies.



//white felt {3 pcs}

//red felt {1}

//red embroidery thread and needle

//black iron on letter {like these}

//red yarn

//hot glue gun

::STEP 1::

Take 2 white felt sheets place them together and sew with the red thread on both the sides and the bottom



::STEP 2::

Take the last white felt sheet and cut a thick strip. Than sew the sides and bottom with red thread



::STEP 3:

line up the strip you just made to the top of the envelope you just made


::STEP 4::

cut a strip off the red felt sheet

fold in half

and cut out half a heart

::center on the from of envelope

::hot glue it down



::Step 5::

This can be done before you glue down the heart or after

take the black letter center it in the middle of the heart and iron on {lightly}


::STEP 6::

cut two long even pieces of yarn

flip over envelope and hot glue them to both sides.


Let it dry than attach to the back of your kiddos chair!

Easy Peasy…and they will eat it up!

xo The Seven Elles

You can print out this PDF and each day write a cute note on a heart!

{click on the pic below for the pdf}



duck tape & glitter = art

“All things can be fixed with extension cords and duct tape” -Jase Robertson

Duct tape is awesome! This art project just proves how awesome it really is!

You could do this with paint, but usually paint doesn’t leave a clean line BUT Duct tape DOES!


You’ll Need:

DSC_0029 10.01.49 PM

{we had a lot of this on hand except the glitter and canvas}

Martha Stewart Gold Glitter {like this}

Black Gorilla Tape {like this}

Canvas 20 x 24 {like this}

Black paint {like this}

Elmer’s Glue



Paint brush {2}

Step 1:

Tape top and bottom of canvas


Step 2:

Evenly tape middle stripes


Step 3:

Find your silhouette via the internet and print out. I printed mine to 200 scale and it printed on 6 sheets of paper. Which I taped together

and made a stencil {next pic}


Step 4:

:: Cut your stencil our

:: center than tape down {with clear regular tape}

:: trace with a pencil { and yes you can see it on the tape}

DSC_0037 DSC_0038 DSC_0039

SEE…you can see the pencil


Step 5:

:: trace with elmer’s glue

:: spread with paint brush {make sure it’s covered good}

DSC_0041 DSC_0042

Step 6:


{I chose Martha Stewart’s glitter, any glitter will work…her’s just looked beautiful just in the jar}

Spread the glitter and don’t be CHEAP


Step 7:

While your letting your glitter set a bit paint the bottom and top of your canvas with black paint {wipe any that gets on the tape with a wet paper towel}


Step 8:

::Lay out a garbage bag and knock of excess glitter

::Transfer to a sheet of paper

::Use another sheet to make a funnel and stick into glitter jar and pour the glitter in

DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048

Step 9:

Let it dry over night, than take a larger paint brush and gently wipe off the excess glitter that’s on the canvas {not off the deer}



Isn’t it wonderful?!?!?!?

xo Aja


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