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Hey y’all! My name is Aja (it’s pronounce Asia), I’m a wife and a mom, a stepmom , a Air Force Reservist, a business owner, a blogger, a teacher and a lover of all kinds of crafts.

I’m married to the most amazing man and daddy in the entire world, Byron. Did I mention we have 5 kids, yup it’s true 5, and it’s as crazy as it sounds. I’m the proud momma to two little boys Boogs whose 3, and stinks-ma-gee whose 1. I’m also a proud stepmom to 3 amazing kids as well, Bubba whose 14 and twins girls who are Kay-Kay and Weeya who are 12. We’ve got it all, tantrums and hormones! Amongst it all, I’m trying to homeschool my little Boogs!

We enjoy lots of things, right now we’re really doing A LOT of DIY projects because we bought a box for a house. No, seriously we did. With 5 kids we needed a big house; so we bought the biggest one we could afford and it didn’t come with one bell, and you can forget about any whistles! So, we have a cookie cutter house that we are turning into a one of a kind…one project at a time. We also enjoy taking trips, and doing things together as a family. I’m always planning our next “adventure” and saving up for it. We love shows like HGTV, Duck Dynasty, Downton Abby.

By nature Byron and I are creative people. Although I don’t think Byron sees carpentry as an art form, but it is, and this man can build anything and it’s always done so beautifully. Me, I love to make things pretty. I like painting, crafting, sewing, and I’m even starting to get into graphic design. When I was younger art classes were always my favorite, they were the ones that sparked an interest in me and I was always excited and dedicated to them…my other classes not so much. I love to decorate my house, and I find ever since Pinterest came along I have so many wants and desires for my home. As for baking and cooking lets just say, I try to bake but to tell the truth I hate it and I’m not to fond of cooking either…but I do it, so we don’t starve.

Well that’s about it! We’ve got a crazy life, filled with some funny times and stories, and lots of DIY projects to share! We hope you’ll enjoy ALL of it!

xo The Seven Elles

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